About Us

TOPITALIANVILLAS is a team of professional people who organize your stay in Italy, both for rent, to have a wonderful holiday, both for sale, to realize your dream of living in Italy.
We can offer different properties: villas, castles, townhouses, apartments, chalet, penthouses, hotels.

Our activity started as the one of the first Italian Tour Operator in 1996 and during these years we have reached a good specialization in villas for rent and for sale (especially with the direct and private access to the sea), apartments, penthouses, chalets, country and winery houses.

Our properties are located in some of the most famous and characteristic areas of Italy (see Destinations), which are carefully selected and visited by our staff, before the client arrives.

Our team speaks Russian, English, French and obviously Italian.
To get the best result for you as first we support your decision with our individual consulting under your special request with all you need (please fill up the Request form).

When you buy a property, we inform you about market experience and its future trends.

At last, intuition and dynamic approach ensure our clients that they will receive a customized service for properties rental or sale in any part of Italy updated day by day – it’s guaranteed!
We manage directly the availability of our properties: it means that the prices you’ll find here are the lowest on the web, because we’ve cut out the intermediary and other additional costs that increase the prices.

In general our mission is to plan travel experiences designed to remain forever in the memory. The holidays you’ll spend in Italy will awake a variety of emotions thanks to the incomparable natural scenery of our areas and will realize your dream about your property in this country. We’re sure you can find the perfect solution for your needs, or, if it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it.

Our company – starting from the date of its establishment and as a resul of a series of historical situations – has “taken advantage” of the opportunities that have arisen from time to time and what has been achieved now is the result of real experiences that have seen the collaboration of prestigious Italian brands that have entered the Russian market for the first time thanks to the activities of Foursprings.

The current philosophy of the company – as the future one – it is always to carry on concrete cases, to adapt to market trends and especially to keep those characteristics of concreteness and humility that allowed the company to develop activities and stay on the market for almost twenty years

1.DISTRIBUTION and PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY: We are specialized in selling of luxury properties in the major Italian tourist locations. The properties for sale and for rent are promoted to our sales network consists of a limited group of agencies located mainly in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and C.S.I. (with whom our company collaborates since 1996 with association arrangements or with the status of privileged commercial partners) and our international direct clients.

We are often present in sector fairs – normally in partnership with the relevant agencies in the specific market -in which we participate with the assistance of our sales managers in total support of the presentation activities aimed at acquiring new clients who will come in visit in Italy.

2.DESTINATION _RENTAL and SALES: All the locations are selected on basis of market requests; working on different areas of Italy we are able to propose to your Clients a good choice of product depending only on the wish and the direction asking from our clients in a real and true tailor-made formula.
All locations are located in the most important Italian cities well connected with flight connection.

3.TAILOR MADE CONSULTING rental AND SALES: Our strenght is also offering tailor-made consulting to final client who doesn’t know for example where to buy. In this case our professional staff will arrange the accomodation and will accompany your client at the location explaining and showing the territory, the sale prices for each area, an any details he should have.

4.RENTAL PROPERTIES: The type of properties for rent concerns both products of medium and high-level and also apartments in the areas mentioned above. The activities of rental of the villas are made by sending newsletters to agencies, promoters and final clients, in addition to the corporate website .

Click here to see villas for rent located on Lake Garda, Tuscany, Lazio and Sardinia.

5.EVENTS: starting from the experience as a tour operator and based on the selection of properties particularly suited to the performance of various types of events (weddings, parties in the villa), we selected a number of locations that are normally used for such activities. To have an idea of the type of events that we can build on, click here (working on)

6.SALES EXCLUSIVE VILLAS AND APARTMENTS: At the same time we are specialized in high-level properties working on really exclusive and sometimes unique products for their position and beauty, such as on GARDA LAKE, TUSCANY COAST, SARDINIA ISLAND and OTHER DESTINATIONS.

7.SALE APARTMENTS IN COMPLEX_ LOAN FACILITIES_INCOME RENTAL GUARANTEE: during these years we have continued finding new properties of recently costruction with Energy class A and B located in the most important Italian cities.

The complexes we have selected are located in the most interest touristic locations for the Russian market, and most of them were selected for their possibility to allow an income after the purchase.

The objective is that with the income coming from rental your client can balance the most part of loan rate.

8.SALE INVESTMENTS: our company is working on some interesting and profitable investments such as hotel, apart-hotel, b&b, building lands, etc. For all these investements we are able to support your clients from the beginning giving all type of advices about Italian legal, fiscal laws and costs.