Enquiry & Terms


These terms and conditions that refer to the real estate legislation and practices applied in Italy regulating the relations between TOPITALIANEVENTS and the AGENCY for the most relevant operative  and legal aspects.

Upon the AGENCY`s request to regulate the relations with TOPITALIANEVENTS  on the basis of the main collaboration agreement establishing the procedures, rights and more detailed obligations, sent by email to agency@topitalianevents.it, TOPITALIANEVENTS  will send a contract .

In any case, relatively to this quotation, the present terms and conditions are indicating the main points connected with collaboration of AGENCY and TOPITALIANEVENTS  to proceed the AGENCY`s client request and integrate the collaboration contract, eventually signed.

1_PROPERTIES PRESENTATION: The submission of the documentation of the property and quotations sent by TOPITALIANEVENTS  to the AGENCY (pdf presentation and price) will be considered as a “first visit” and acknowledgement of the exclusive of the property.

The documentation sent is for AGENCY client’s personal use only; it is forbidden to give pdf presentation/s to others agencies without TOPITALIANEVENTS  authorization or to publish it.

If TOPITALIANEVENTS  has sent the property first, TOPITALIANEVENTS  will have the right to follow the negotiation guaranteeing in any case the application of the clause of better price explained in the article n.3.

If AGENCY has already received  from another agency the property/is is obliged to inform TOPITALIANEVENTS  by email in order to avoid crossings with TOPITALIANEVENTS  owners.

2_PUBLISHING: if AGENCY wish to publish a property on AGENCY`s website, TOPITALIANEVENTS  kindly ask to send by email to TOPITALIANEVENTS  the request  agency@topitalianvillas.ru/agency@topitalianvillas.it; in this case TOPITALINEVENTS  will send the original photos and maps with application of special download terms and conditions for publication.

3_EXCLUSIVE YOUR CLIENT’S NAME: Under the Italian Real Estate law an exclusive of AGENCY client’s name received from the AGENCY by email to TOPITALIANEVENTS  will be valid for 1 year after the first visit or the date of sending pdf presentation.   In order to apply the exclusive, TOPITALIANEVENTS  need to know the full client’s name, but in case the AGENCY cannot send the name of the client, TOPITALIANEVENTS  can not guarantee the validity of the exclusive.

If TOPITALIANEVENTS  have already received the same name from another agency, TOPITALIANEVENTS  has to inform the AGENCY about an obligation to cooperate with the agency that first sent to TOPITALIANEVENTS  the full name of the client, except for different agreements with other agencies.  

4_PRICE and CLAUSE OF  BETTER PRICE:  in order to apply the exclusive on the property/ies,  better explained in the previous point, the AGENCY has to inform TOPITALIANEVENTS  immediajtely if  quotation is higher than the ones normally applied in the market , in order to be granted the opportunity to adjust the price to the best condition AGENCY obtained both for the price and for the percentage of commissions. Please note that the contracts between TOPITALIANEVENTS  and the owners provide the obligation from the owners to adjust the price according to the best one on the market.    

Due to the international market situation and ongoing changes in the market, all prices will be negotiate and define in the final phase directly with the owner.   

To the indicated prices, according to Italian law, you have to add the VAT of 22%.

5_ AVAILABILITY: the availability of the required period is not guaranteed until it is not signed a specific contract


In some properties, as a result of agreements with owners in addition to the Real Estate services and research of property for event, TOPITALIANEVENTS has the right to propose , the related basic services connected with the incentive such as catering, transfer, etc.

Anyway the owners of each property, for safety reasons, has the right to confirm the rental of the property for the event provided that the external service providers are pleasing to the property itself.

8_PRIVACY POLICY (D.Lgs. n.196 o 30th June 2003)

Privacy and Personal Data Treatment Agreement  Informative agreement in accordance with article 13/2003 D. Lgs. N. 196/2003

The present contract apply the Italian Privacy Act 1996 has made various provisions for protecting people and respecting their personal data; and in compliance with that Act be handling Your data observing the principles of propriety, legality and transparency, and safeguards of confidentiality and rights.

9_CONCILIATION PROCEDURE AND APPLICABLE LAW The Parties agree that any dispute that may arise between them for the interpretation, performance or termination of this contract and, in any case, in any way related to the same contract, exclusively Jurisdiction will be the same city where the property is located.

In any case, before you take legal action, the parties undertake to attempt conciliation by the Chamber of Commerce of the province where the property is located, according to the procedure established by the Conciliation Rules adopted by this

This agreement is subject only to the Italian law (art. 33 c. 2 lett. U Legislative Decree no. 206/2005).