Sales Property

1_CONSULTANT BEFORE ALL Our strenght is also offering tailor-made consulting to final client who doesn’t know for example where to buy.
In this case our professional staff will arrange the accomodation and will accompany your client at the location explaining and showing the territory, the sale prices for each area, an any details he should have. .

In case of succesfull negotiation, we are also able to give to the client all the legal services better explained (Loan facilities and permanent living … in the following point)

2 NEW COMPLEXES  CATEG A / B   working on different areas of Italy we are able to propose to your Clients a good choice of product depending only on the wish and the direction asking from our clients in a real and true tailor-made formula.
Are categoirzed in Energy class A and B, are located in the most important Italian cities well connected with Russian flight connection.

Milan city Tuscany coast Apulia Sicily
North Adriatic Adriatic Central Coast Amalfitan Coast Sardinia
Liguria coast Latium

3_EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY : At the same time we are specialized in high-level properties working on really exclusive and sometimes unique products for their position and beauty, such as on GARDA LAKE, TUSCANY COAST, SARDINIA ISLAND and OTHER DESTINATIONS.

4_INCOME RENTAL GUARANTEE: The complexes we have selected are located in the most interest touristic locations for the Russian market, and most of them were selected for their possibility to allow an income after the purchase.
The objective is that with the income coming from rental your client can balance the most part of loan rate.

5_PERMANENT LIVING – LEGAL SUPPORT AND PURCHASE PROCEDURE: as part of negotiations for the purchase of a property, our company supports your clients by following all legal and fiscal procedures about permanent living, tax return and due diligence in order to ensure your clients the maximum transparency in the purchase of real estate
These activities are the result of years of experience in the field of sale and mainly through the collaboration of expert lawyers and financial experts enabled with knowledge of the Russian language of the specific sector (Russian laws, technical terms, etc.).

6_SALE INVESTMENTS: we are working on some interesting and profitable investments such as hotel, apart-hotel, b&b, building lands, etc. For all these investements we are able to support your clients from the beginning giving all type of advices about Italian legal, fiscal laws and costs.