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ITALIAN REAL ESTATE TERMS AND CONDITIONS  : Topitalian Villas is a barnd of Four springhs srl an Italian Real Estate Company with regular license, we need to summarize the main points that we have to apply considering the importance of this/these property/ies and the Italian Real Estate law that we have to follow
We suggest to ask for a written mandatory to send you in order to include in it any your request or specific request

01 PRESENTATION OF PROPERTIES: the submission of the documentation sent in the present letter will be considered as a “first visit” and acknowledgement and strictly confidential; it is forbidden/not possible to give pdf presentations or photos to or any other real estate agencies or acquaintances but they are only for your personal use.
To avoid crossing properties and potential conflict situations, if you have received this/these property/ies by other agencies, consultants or other parties, please let us know as soon as possible.

02 EXCLUSIVE OF YOUR NAME AND PRIVACY : under Italian estate and privacy law, we have the obligation to inform the owners about your name as for Legislative Decree n.196 of 30th June 2003.
Privacy and Personal Data Treatment Agreement Informative agreement in accordance with article 13/2003 D. Lgs. N. 196/2003)
Under the law we apply the Italian Privacy Act 1996 has made various provisions for protecting people and respecting their personal data; and in compliance with that Act be handling Your data observing the principles of propriety, legality and transparency, and safeguards of confidentiality and rights.

03 BEST SALE PRICES: due to the international market situation and ongoing changes in the market, the indicated prices will be negotiate and define in the final phase directly with the owner. The price that we report is an initial price requested by the owner and to be negotiated during the deal.
In order to give the maximum transparency to our operations, we kindly ask to inform us immediately if our quotation is higher than the ones you have received, in order to be granted the opportunity to adjust the price to the best condition you obtained

04 COMMISSION: Commission to buy in case of successful negotiations is from 3% up 4% depending from the value of property
Commission has to be paid 50% during the preliminary act or, in case preliminary act is not performed, during the approved proposal and 50% during the notary deed.

05 SERVICES INCLUDEC IN THE COMMISSION : the commission include a free services for assistance and the services reported form the following point 01) to 11) include any cost and rembourse to be paid paid by four springs srl to any the professional involved in the services also for coordinator of all activity connected whit the professional services .

5.1) guides in English and Russian on the main norms related to the purchase of properties in Italy

5.2)release tax code and accompanying the client at fiscal offices as person and company

5.3)opening bank account as company in a primary Italian bank

5.4) assistance in the purchase with any notary or lawyers assistance in choosing the delegated notary for the preliminary notary act in the meetings that will be necessary

5.5) assistance in the search of possible interpreter enabled in language translations whenever necessary

5.6) assistance, support and accompaniment during the final notary act

07)assistance and support in the search of a professional who specializes in the fiscal field in order to prepare the annual taxes payable for the property

5.8) one session in Milano or Garda area or Tuscany or Bologna area whit a legal or fiscal consultant before or after the buying property

5.9) Preparing a specific table of all costs that indicates all operations whit indication of all costs connected whit the buying procedura as :costs of purchase of the property , the notarial cost, the translator costs, taxes on the property
The table of costs will be updated whit enclosed Proforma invoices with costs and expirations every time in case of change

5.10)_bank loan  : only as person .. ( for company please ask info) if requested consulting to obtaining a loan with the purchase of a new property whit loan

5.11) Rental inocme investment garanties: Upon request assistance in finding company for rental guaranteed income as residential and to define a special agreement whit all the parameters required by the investment and the terms of the collaboration.

06 _CONCILIATION PROCEDURE AND APPLICABLE LAW : Any dispute that may arise between them for the interpretation, performance or termination of this contract and, in any case, in any way related to the same contract, exclusively Jurisdiction will be the same city where the property is located.
In any case, before you take legal action, the parties undertake to attempt conciliation by the Chamber of Commerce of the province where the property is located, according to the procedure established by the Conciliation Rules adopted by this
This agreement is subject only to the Italian law (art. 33 c. 2 lett. U Legislative Decree no. 206/2005).