Ferrari Tour - 1290, Tuscany South Coast Maremma


Ferrari Tour journeys are unique, tailor-made to allow you to fully enjoy the Italian lifestyle. Each trip Ferrari in Italy is the perfect blend of art, cuisine, fashion, architecture and spectacular scenery. It is ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway, it is an exciting incentive for VIP clients or staff of a high standard and the original is an opportunity for a corporate event.

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Traveling by Ferrari between Rome and Florence, along the most beautiful roads of Umbria, Lazio and TuscanyRed Travel has selected itineraries in Italy ideal for enjoying the pure pleasure of driving, breathtaking views and absolute joy. The trips are available in packages from 1 to 8 days and can be molded to your needs, including your request to yacht excursions, golf, hot air ballooning, transfer by private jet as well as visits to the most exclusive places (wine companies, castles, etc. …).

You can choose to visit one of the many magnificent Italian corners, large cities such as Milan and Venice, or even move to Paris, London, Barcelona, the French Riviera

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Tuscany South Coast Maremma

The Maremma region is an area of Italy bordering the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas. It comprises part of southwestern Tuscany – Maremma Livornese and Maremma Grossetana (the latter in the province of Grosseto) – and part of northern Lazio (in the province of Viterbo and Rome on the border of the region).

It was traditionally populated by the Butteri, cattle breeders who until recently used horses with a distinctive style of saddle. Once unhealthy because of its many marshes, Maremma was drained under the fascist regime and repopulated with people from other Italian regions, notably the Veneto.

The region is instead one of the very few territories left in Italy that remains true to its ancient peasant roots, uncontaminated by the tourist explosion.

Maremma is unique because of the variety of its territory: blue sea, long beaches, black rock, hills covered with woods, marshes and flat lands, green hills and natural thermal baths.

Maremma is not just culture and landscapes; it is also a region rich in typical products to be tasted and savoured while drinking a good glass of wine. Sea, hills and mountains melt perfectly in its food, the acquacotta soup is a just one example.