Garda North


Of the Lake Garda, only the northern tip belongs to the Trentino, where mountains, valleys and deep waters meet, with the countries of Nago Torbole and the town of Riva. The locations of the fascinating lake with their charm, invite you to relax.

It is the most beautiful and picturesque area of Lake Garda: here as nowhere else the Mediterranean climate of the Garda is combined with the Alpine area. Indeed, we are already among the high mountains (above 2000 m), but the shore of Lake blooming olive and lemon trees.

For this, the Garda Trentino is loved by mountain bikers and hikers. Altogarda is popular with windsurfers, who every day take advantage of the gentle winds of Lake Garda.

The north of Lake Garda, and is a pleasant tourist destination. The pretty public gardens by the waterfront have a quaint, middle-aged ‘resort’ air to them. The towns in this area are large enough to support a market and shops; although the lakeside area is packed mostly with ice cream bar, cafes and restaurants aimed squarely at tourists.

The waterfront of Riva is dominated by one of Garda‘s fortresses, the Rocca, which contains the town’s museum. Steep wooded slopes tower above, with ruined towers emerging from the trees to tempt the energetic explorer.

North of Riva, walking or driving excursions give access to some of the region’s most dramatic scenery. This includes a 287-ft waterfall at Varone, the remains of a Bronze Age settlement at Lake Ledro and the crags and fortifications of Castello d’Arco.